A creative brand designed by women for women.


“It is a great mix of serious content, amazing aesthetics, and strong visuals.” – Beatrix Reinhardt, New York based Photographer and Lecturer

“A superb publication which honors the unique contribution of the feminine, the feminine not in competition with the masculine, but taking its place alongside it – showcasing femininity as both strength and vulnerability.” – Inge Economou, Graphic Designer and Lecturer

“She, like Vrouw, is steadfast in an unsteady world. She, like Vrouw, is intent on changing perceptions with the strength and shape of water -when that water is either still, or wild. She, like Vrouw, is discerning, intelligent and inspirational. She IS Vrouw. And this magazine has a place in the publishing industry. It can stand alone with the best of them out there.” – Sandy Coffey, Photographer