“A magazine that is for women, about women. Vrouw talks about issues that are real and important. We celebrate women for all they are and all they do.”

Vrouw is proof of the contrary, without a woman,
the world as we know it won’t survive.

Womanhood is like peeling an orange. The hard skin will only give way, when you persistently peel the layer, exposing the fruit, until you reach the wedges. They have a sweet sour taste, depending on the season. Vrouw celebrates all those seasons.

It shows us that the celebration lies in the discovery that the revelation of your story brings solace, sense of camaraderie, joy and most of all peace when all is revealed. This find lies in the very act of telling your story, warts and all, despite the consequences.

Volume 1

Vrouw Magazine Volume 1 is about exploring vulnerability, opening yourself up to what makes you feel vulnerable and in the process trying to accept it and learn from it. Often we as women feel that being vulnerable marks us as being weak. The first issue of Vrouw goes to show how strong women are despite of the things that makes us vulnerable, despite what we struggle with on a daily basis.