About Vrouw Magazine

Vrouw Magazine is all about empowering, inspiring and celebrating women. We have found that by sharing original stories of women creates a vast sense of community amongst ourselves. It makes us feel connected, powerful and in a sense worthy of all that we are. This deserves to be celebrated and revealed. Vrouw magazine expresses such stories in
a fresh and unusual way. We aim to reflect how women are perceived, far beyond the norms of society. Each issue focuses heavily on art and photography as a form of expression, alongside engaging interviews, essays and stories.

Vrouw Magazine Volume 1 is about exploring vulnerability, opening yourself up to what makes you feel vulnerable and in the process trying to accept it and learn from it. Often we as women feel that being vulnerable marks us as being weak. The first issue of Vrouw goes to show how strong women are despite of the things that makes us vulnerable, despite what we struggle with on a daily basis.

About the Designer

Hi there, my name is Micaela Scholtz. I am a graphic designer, which allows me to pursue my love for all beauty; be it feminine, natural, creative or simply unique. What started as a university honours project has blossomed into what you have come to know as Vrouw. A publication and design studio empowering women. My infatuation for art started at a young age. I instinctively wanted to nurture this passion and share it. I obtained my degree in Graphic Design (Cum Laude) in 2017. I have since honed my craft in and developed a way of presenting stories that are not only told, but presented in a creative manner expressing feelings, experiences and ideas. I am dedicated to creating simple, honest, subtle yet powerful designs. I believe that you don’t have to make a noise in order to be heard. This statement is a true reflection of my design style.

Through Vrouw I aim to portray the true reflection of women as well as providing them with a platform to discover and share. This publication and design studio provides a space for women to be themselves, embrace all they are and continue the quest of what they aim to be. I strive to give a voice to all women. After all there is “is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”

Get in touch for design inquiries that will truly reflect your brand and tell your story. Most of all comprehend what your unique take is, as we need to be heard.