Will the articles be in English only?

Yes, the articles are all in English.  Although the name is derived from the Afrikaans / Dutch language all the articles are in English.

Will there be fashion etc in or only true life stories?

All the articles are true life stories, but we do include fashion which we feel is suitable for all women created by women.

Will there be stories about everyday women or celebs?

The stories featured are mostly about everyday women.   We do include “famous” women, but famous in the sense for what they do and achieve.  We included an array of women who empower themselves and others.

Do you provide a space for advertisements in the magazine?

We do not include advertisements as seen in commercial magazines, but we do create an editorial to showcase the story behind the brand or product.  We want our readers to read authentic stories.

Why another female magazine?

A different approach toward the way women are perceived and presented is needed.  Everything out there at the moment highlights the insecurities of women in a way to sell and make money, Vrouw also highlights those insecurities but in an attempt to show that it is okay and that it should be shared amongst women rather than saying “its’ wrong and here’s how you can fix it”.  This magazine encourages women to share their experiences; good and bad.

Are the additional services offered aimed at women only?

Yes.  Vrouw is a creative brand designed by women for women.  All the products available to purchase are created by either Vrouw or collaborations with Vrouw.  The branding packages we offer are specifically designed to grow and enhance women owned businesses.  The same concept goes for the workshops we offer, it is all designed with the intention of empowering and uplifting women.